Let me put on a show for you…

The Poetry Brothel’s babydoll with a butcher knife—

The night that Lux was conceived, a star shot white hot through the May sky and fell into her mother’s womb. For nine months, the butcher’s wife burned supernova. While the butcher handled knives and the wager of death against life, his wife waged her own intergalactic war, a bet on life against death. The fever almost took mother and child both, but on a frozen day, the heat gave way. The soul of a star born in the body of a girl. A child not meant for this world, she had been on course for elsewhere but due north never worked cross-cosmos. The doctor spanked her so she would adjust to the hurt in this place, and so she screamed, but so she breathed, and they called her Lux for the light that came out of her lungs.

For a price, you can taste the star that died to make her.

Lux Aeterna is a queer near-death experience survivor and neurodivergent poet from New York. Since 2014, Lux has performed poems and pole as part of the Poetry Society of New York. She appeared as a guest reader for various museum exhibition openings and on Broadway. Her recent pieces are published in The Rumpus, Passengers Journal, and A Whore’s Manifesto anthology, which can be purchased on Amazon.