Have you ever wanted to give a gift to someone that was an emotion instead of an object?

Would you like to inspire someone? Or help them feel how proud you are? How much you love them, all the little things you notice that add up to something meaningful that only you share? Or perhaps, the solace of sympathy and kindness in a time of grief?

No matter your need, Lux will write a poem just for you. Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, anniversary—or just to show you care—Lux will work with your vision to craft a poem inspired by your prompt. Poems may be 1-3 pages in length; you can select your desired length or let Lux find the natural flow.

A prompt can be almost anything. It can be a word (“jaguar”), a feeling (“hope against odds”), a question (“when did you feel like an adult?”), a task (“a Petrarchan sonnet”), an homage (“something for Aphrodite”), a quote, or whatever you dream up.

Lux can provide the poem to you in a designed and formatted .pdf, or it can be printed out and mailed in a wax-sealed envelope to the recipient. Commissions start at $180 for 2 hours/1 page/1 revision round; please email Lux Aeterna for further information, as Lux can also add length and/or timeline rushes as needed.

Lux Aeterna retains the rights to all poetry commissioned for the purposes of publication and ownership.

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